Vertec Marine
V.le E. Chiesa 2 - 54100 Massa (MS) - Italy
TEL: 0585/791727 - FAX: 0585/791728 - E-MAIL: info@vertecmarine.com
VERTEC MARINE’s primary objective is to understand and meet the needs and expectations of its clients, supplying a product or service designed and created to comply with their requirements and wishes, whether expressed or otherwise, by means of the quality of the work carried out.

The Management promotes and reinforces company quality, in the conviction that the quality of the product or service can only be obtained with the active commitment of all those who work in the firm,

The Management strives to pursue a continual improvement of its performance and processes – these being the necessary tools needs for achieving the stated aim – and it ensures that all necessary actions will be taken to make this concept understood, shared and implemented at all company levels.

By activating and implementing a Quality Management System according to UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, the Company undertakes to motivate and involve human resources, to maintain a suitable work environment, to improve its own performance and to keep the Quality Management System as a tool that is always effective and efficient.

The Management